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Only my personal views, so in answer to your questions

1. Are you in favour of Britain renewing its Trident nuclear weapons system?

Yes until there is unilateral disarmament we unfortunately need the deterrent.

2. Do you think our country is right to be involved militarily in the Ukraine, even if in a training and support role?

No, our military is there for our protection and not to be involved in worldwide conflicts which has nothing to do with us. There is always a case on humanitarian grounds where we might have to help but this would have to be thought about.

3. Do you give full weight to the urgency ofminimising global warming? In light of this, do you accept that much of the known fossil fuels should be left underground, especially the most environmentally damaging such as tar sands and Arctic oil?

I do not believe global warming is happening. in this instance I believe a certain amount of fossil fuels should be used until a viable alternative is found.

4. What is your attitude to fracking?

If it is proven to be safe I can not see any reason not to use it as an alternative source of energy.

5. Many people can’t afford to heat their homes over the winter.We can’t afford to ignore climate change either. How would you tackle fuel poverty in a long-term,sustainable manner?

I do not believe climate change is happening because of what we are doing, it is part of a natural process, so by using fossil fuels and getting rid of the green tax we can bring down the cost of energy prices.

6. Do you think our economy can or should go on growing indefinitely?

The economy needs to grow, this in turn should increase wages and that would put more back into the system which would in turn provide the resources needed to look after our poorer people and our elder generation. If we could ever get to a state of balance where everyone was catered for then growth might not be needed, can I see that happening not in my lifetime maybe never .

7. Are you opposed to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership? If so why; if not,why not?

It would just be another way of losing control of our country to large corporations from overseas, this in turn will privatise everything that can make a profit , this would then cause hardship to our lower paid and benefit receivers.

8. Do you intend to help shrink the yawning gap between rich and poor and check the extraordinary concentration of wealth in a very few hands? If so,how?

I personally can not do anything about it. do I believe it should happen, yes. I do not decide on the policies but I can use common sense to argue the point.

9.Do you recognise that low wages and benefits,plus harsh and arbitrary stoppage of benefits, is causing serious and unjust hardship? Do you want to restore the safety net which ought to protect British people from serious want?

 Being on a zero hour contract myself and just above minimum wage, also having family struggling because of benefit changes I personally want to fight not only to restore the safety net but to attempt to improve on it.
I honestly believe this can not happen until we leave the European union and take back control of our country.