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        Friends Meeting House

         6 Mount Street


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         2nd April 2015

Dear Candidate


We recognise that you are devoting a great deal of time and energy to our democratic process. May it be a good experience for you and deepen your understanding.

We, the Quakers, are not a political party. We are a Religious Society led by our faith to promote peace justice and a care for the environment. We want to make a careful, critical assessment of your case. We do not intend to abuse you or caricature you.

We will do our best to publicise your answers and those of other candidates, particularly amongst our members.

There are nine questions below. Could you be brief (we know that's hard) and speak of your own individual position rather than just a party line. The party line will be clear to us from the media. Please reply on paper or by e-mail - addresses above. Many thanks for your time and thought.

Jonathan Dale (for Manchester Area Quaker Social Justice Group)


1. Are you in favour of Britain renewing its Trident nuclear weapons system?

2. Do you think our country is right to be involved militarily in the Ukraine, even if in a  training and support role?


3. Do you give full weight to the urgency of minimising global warming? In the light of this, do you accept that much of the known fossil fuel resources reserves should be left underground, especially the most environmentally damaging such as tar sands and Arctic oil?

4. What is your attitude to fracking?

5. Many people can’t afford to heat their homes over the winter. We can’t afford to ignore climate change either. How would you tackle fuel poverty in a long-term, sustainable manner?


6. Do you think our economy can or should go on growing indefinitely?

7. Are you opposed to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership?  If so why; if not, why not?

8. Do you intend to help shrink the yawning gap between rich and poor and check the extraordinary concentration of wealth in very few hands? If so, how?

9. Do you recognise that low wages and benefits, plus harsh and arbitrary stoppage of benefits, is causing serious and unjust hardship? Do you want to restore the safety net which ought to protect British people from serious want?