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1. Are you in favour of Britain renewing its Trident nuclear weapons system ?

No I am not. It is not something that I would ever support.

2. Do you think our country is right to be involved militarily in the Ukraine, even if in a training and support role?

No way. No militarily training. Support Yes, for all the people that are displaced. I would strongly support aid such as food and shelter and medical help.  I feel strongly that the UK should not be involved in any conflicts other than as an aid provider.  


3. Do you give full weight to the urgency of minimising global warming? In the light of this, do you accept that much of the known fossil fuel reserves should be left underground, especially the most environmentally damaging such as tar sands and Arctic oil?

Yes I do fully support this, I find it unbelievable that people don't.  

4. What is your attitude to fracking? 

That it is a dash for cash, I am completely opposed to fracking. Fracking is dangerous for our health and our land. Renewable 

energy is possible and completely achievable and will eventually make energy cheaper. I will only ever support sustainable energy. 

5. Many people can’t afford to heat their homes over the winter. We can’t afford to ignore climate change either. How would you tackle fuel poverty in a long-term, sustainable manner?

Full insulation of all our homes so that they run efficiently and sustainably as possible.

New homes building legislation, to ensure that all new homes need less energy to heat and that they work to maximum efficiency, including incorporating renewable such as solar roof panels and that they are as carbon natural as possible.

Supporting of Local Renewable Energy Enterprises and co-ops, giving people the power. 

Education locally on how to become self sustainable, and more energy efficient.  Grants and tax incentives to encourage this, thus reducing cost, and providing local job opportunities. 

Providing the vulnerable and low income households with winter fuel allowance if needed.  


6. Do you think our economy can or should go on growing indefinitely? 

No.  In the short term I would like big multinationals to shrink and local business to grow, thus reflecting our local need of

consumption and strengthening the local community, emphasis  placed on local production (for example  if my apples came from Wythenshawe and not New Zealand they would be a lot cheaper, fresher, more environmentally friendly, and support my local economy)  Economy definition is careful management of available resources. 

Our society structure should not be based on endless unnecessary consumption designed to keep a broken system growing.  

7. Are you opposed to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership? If so why; if not, why not?

The very concept that a corporate driven agenda negotiated in secret that could govern our country is very scary. If it was in our best interest then it would be a transparent process. We only know of TTiP due to wikileaks!!!!! 

Philip Morris is suing Uruguay for increasing the size of the health warnings on cigarette packs under the ISDS which is effectively what the TTiP agreement is to Europe. It is madness, that stands to protect profits only. I stand for people before profit. 

8. Do you intend to help shrink the yawning gap between rich and poor and check the extraordinary concentration of wealth in very few hands? If so, how?

Oh Yes. The tax dodging bill would be a good start, making it illegal to sell or advise on tax avoidance schemes would also help. 

Legislating that the highest earner in any company could not earn 10x more than the lowest paid employee would bring a lot of  people out of poverty and thus reducing the obscene wages of some people, when a company is doing well everyone will benefit not just those at the top. Also a Fair Taxing policy on property, investments and inheritance.  

9. Do you recognise that low wages and benefits, plus harsh and arbitrary stoppage of benefits, is causing serious and unjust hardship? Do you want to restore the safety net which ought to protect British people from serious want?

Yes. Our society if governed correctly can easily place compassion at its heart, the majority of people are very kind and giving. Our broken system is designed to make the rich richer and blame and persecute the poor for being poor. 

Jessica Mayo

Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Wythenshawe and Sale East