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1. Are you in favour of Britain renewing its Trident nuclear weapons system ?

(Xingang] I believe in this unstable and uncertain world in which numerous countries are trying to develop nuclear weapons Britain cannot become defenceless against this threat. I am in favour that Conservatives are committed to replacing Trident and maintaining Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent.


2. Do you think our country is right to be involved militarily in the Ukraine, even if in a training and support role?

[Xingang] I am in favour of diplomatic solution rather than a military solution.


3. Do you give full weight to the urgency of minimising global warming? In the light of this, do you accept that much of the known fossil fuel reserves should be left underground, especially the most environmentally damaging such as tar sands and Arctic oil?

[Xingang] I give full weight to the urgency of minimising global warming. Man-made climate change is a serious threat to this country and the world. Left unchecked it will have far-reaching consequences for our society.

4. What is your attitude to fracking? 

[Xingang] I believe that shale gas can provide the UK with greater energy security, help keep prices down and support efforts to tackle climate change. I understand that companies will seize the opportunities that shale gas presents and step-up the search for it, but I believe we need to make sure local communities benefit, with regulations in place to ensure safe and responsible exploration, protecting the public and the environment. Shale is expected to create around 64,000 new jobs and generate billions of pounds for the UK economy. Investing in shale gas is part of our long-term economic plan to build a stronger economy and secure a better future for Britain.

5. Many people can’t afford to heat their homes over the winter. We can’t afford to ignore climate change either. How would you tackle fuel poverty in a long-term, sustainable manner?

[Xingang] I believe we need to help people reduce their bills by making their homes more energy efficient and supporting older people by protecting the Winter Fuel Payment for all pensioners. I support the government policy that we have permanently increased Cold Weather Payments helping those on low incomes keep their homes warm during the winter months.  I think we need to continue to support families who want to make their homes more efficient, securing Britain’s energy future, while also helping to bring energy bills down. We need to offer real solutions to households across the UK.



6. Do you think our economy can or should go on growing indefinitely?


[Xingang] I am positive on our economic growth. We have a long-term economic plan to turn Britain around and it is working. I am very happy to report the below:

- The deficit cut by a half as a share of national income

- Income tax cut for over 25 million people

- Benefits capped to reward work

- 2 million more people in employment

- The state pension increased by £800

- A million more pupils in good and outstanding schools

- Immigration from outside Europe down to the level of the late 1990s

- Over 70,000 families with a home thanks to Help to Buy

Our long-term economic plan is building a stronger, healthier economy and secures a better future for Britain.

7. Are you opposed to the the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership? If so why; if not, why not?

[Xingang] The warning lights are flashing over the global economy: with weak growth in Europe and a slowdown across Asia. That makes it more important than ever to promote trade as an engine of growth. TTIP - the free trade deal being negotiated between the United States and the European Union - will lower trade barriers, boosting growth and creating more jobs, as well as lowering prices, helping provide much-needed security for hardworking taxpayers. Making sure Britain continues to be an open, trading economy is part of our plan to build a healthier, more balanced economy, so we can secure a brighter future for Britain.


8. Do you intend to help shrink the yawning gap between rich and poor and check the extraordinary concentration of wealth in very few hands? If so, how?

[Xingang] Yes. The gap between rich and poor need to be reduced. I believe that worklessness is one of the root causes of poverty. I support the policy of encouraging people to work, to setup business, to become an entrepreneur. At the same time we need to take action tackling the aggressive tax avoidance of some large companies and individuals. We need to close down ‘Mayfair loophole’ and other tax avoidance and evasion schemes. We believe in low taxes, but taxes that are paid.

9. Do you recognise that low wages and benefits, plus harsh and arbitrary stoppage of benefits, is causing serious and unjust hardship? Do you want to restore the safety net which ought to protect British people from serious want?

[Xingang] I believe benefits are capped to reward work. Only in this way our economy can deliver for those who work hard and play by the rules - not giving in to those who want a free for all in our welfare system. Our long-term economic plan is creating jobs and fixing welfare so it always pays to be in work - this means more families have the security of a regular pay packet. I support the simplified benefits system of Universal Credit.



Xingang Wang
Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Manchester Central